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J.  J.  S A V A U N T


 S C R I B E 
O F T H E  M O S T  H I G H   YHWH

סופר יהוה

Speculative Fiction Author

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All glory to the most High Yahweh (Hebrew meaning God); The one, true, and indivisible Yahweh, the most Merciful, the Alpha and Omega, the Just Judge, the Great Bestower, the Owner of Retribution, the Lord of all the worlds, our Creator, the Yahweh of all things and whose excellency crumbles idols to dust in reverence of His greatness. There are none associated with Him, none equal to Him, and none can rival Him. His similitude of which He had endowed upon Adam, the first human to breathe in the breath of life; the Yahweh of all might, all justice, all power, and all mercy, it is Him, the Creator alone, to whom belongs all worship, honor, and praise.  For it is by His divine inspiration that all scripture originates.

In the same manner that Judith, in the Apocrypha, professed that she was a woman of the Hebrews, (Judith 10:10 KJV), and likewise as Jonah, mentioned in the Holy Bible, claimed that he was an Hebrew (Jonah 1:9 KJV), I, JJ Savaunt, am a Hebrew and I fear the LORD, the Yahweh (Hebrew for God) of heaven, which hath made the sea and the dry land and my spirit beareth witness with that of my ancestors.

In 2019, I was almost abducted at a bus stop in Charlotte, NC and it was one of those moments that forever changed me. From that day forward, I knew I had to take action against human trafficking. In the enemy's attempt to instill fear, God ignited courage. Through permission of Yahweh, the most High, I used the trauma from that near abduction to write my first novel Barren published February 24, 2024. All with the goal to bring awareness to the hidden horrors of human trafficking. This marked the beginning of my spiritual journey and desire to help vulnerable women and prisoners as mentioned in Matthew 25:35-40 KJV.


I have always had a vivid imagination and empathy for others, now as an adult, my work has found its niche—speculative fiction exploring the forgotten history of the Israelites, my people. For this reason, my stories usually fall somewhere between the Science Fiction, Crime, and fantasy genres. My work explores the possibilities of the future whilst intertwining the Holy Bible's prophecies of the past (Matt 13:52). My faith in the one true Yahweh and my Hebrew heritage (Deut. 28-) serve as the sources of my inspiration.

I have been published in NY Weekly, American Reporter, and Kivo Daily. When I'm not working on my next novel, I'm usually building up my recipe book, planting in her garden, and keeping the Sabbath. I'm a huge fan of watching random documentaries on YouTube. Above all you will find me studying the Holy Bible, Holy Quran, the Apocrypha (14 books removed from teh Holy Bible), and the other forgotten text you can find in the Hidden Books Collection , and keeping the Commandments of Yahweh.

Easter Cake and Painted Eggs
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