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J.  J.  S A V A U N T


 S C R I B E 
O F T H E  M O S T  H I G H

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Speculative Fiction Author

In 2019, JJ was almost abducted at a bus stop in Charlotte, NC and it was one of those moments that forever changed her. From that day forward, she knew she had to take action against human trafficking. In the enemy's attempt to instill fear, God ignited courage. JJ used the trauma from her near abduction to write her first novel Barren set for publication February 24, 2024. All with the goal to bring awareness to the hidden horrors of human trafficking.


JJ has always had a vivid imagination and empathy for others, now as an adult, her work has found its niche—speculative fiction exploring the forgotten history of the Israelites. For this reason, her stories usually fall somewhere between the Sci-Crime and fantasy genres. Her work explores the possibilities of the future whilst intertwining the Holy Bible's prophecies of the past (Matt 13:52). Her faith in the one true God and her Israelite heritage (Deut. 28-) serve as the sources of her inspiration.

JJ has been published in NY Weekly, American Reporter, and Kivo Daily. JJ is also a member of the exclusive group Crime Writers of Color. 

When she is not working on her next novel, JJ can be found building up her recipe book, planting in her garden, and keeping the Sabbath. She is also a huge fan of watching random documentaries on YouTube. Above all you will find her studying the Holy Bible, Holy Quran and the Apocrypha and trying to keep the Commandments. Currently, JJ lives in Georgia with her husband.

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