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Being A Writer In The Military

February of this year I did something huge... I joined the Army.

At first during my time at Boot camp I felt like I made a huge mistake. Waking up every day at 4 am doing PT, getting yelled at constantly, and getting smoked for the mistakes of others. Not to mention I was in a new environment under consistent stress and surrounded by people I couldn't get along with and forced to be around them all day every day. It was frustrating.


As time moved on, I stopped resisting the process and began embracing my new surroundings. The way I did that was through writing.

In boot camp you don't have your phone, so all I had was paper and pencil. I would write stories inspired by day-to-day activities and share them. One short story I wrote and shared got such great reviews I had people I never talked to coming up to me wanting their own copy. Little did I know I had a little fan club. To this day anything I write I share with those individuals first and if they like it then I know its good!

Now that I'm out of training, I feel even more inspired to keep writing and submitting my work. If strangers who have no reason to give me good feedback have nothing but incredible things to say, then surely my writing can't be that bad.

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