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I Think My Apple Watch Is Trying To Kill Me

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

If you have an Apple Watch please read this I have a question for you. Also with mentioning, this is a safe space I just need someone to hear this and confirm I'm not crazy.

About a month ago, I started having this strange sensation happen to me. At night I had random spasms in different parts of my body. They were like mini bolts of concentrated electricity jolting different parts of my body. My fingers. My calf. My eye lid. My arm. My nose. My big toe. No place was off limits.

It started to scare me. I thought I was developing some type of cancer or something. Like anyone, I spent hours searching on Google trying to figure it out.

I found answers but they led to more questions.

First I read it was a possible symptom related to anxiety. More research led me to the point where I thought I had fibromyalgia. Another article made me think I was simply imagining things.

It wasn't until I tried an experiment did I gain clarity.

I wore my Apple Watch for a couple hours. I usually wore it for tracking how many calories I've burned throughout the day. Then after a lovely concert in the shower I took it off.

That night I felt the spasms.

The next day I didn't wear my Apple Watch at all. I didn't even charge it. I figured I wouldn't feel anything. I was wrong.

Like clockwork as soon as I laid down for bed I felt the spasms again.

This terrified me, but also made me think it wasn't my watch.

On the third day, I decided not to wear my watch anymore.

Since then I have not felt any spasms in months. Which leads me to believe the spasms were directly linked to the Apple watch without a doubt.

I turn this question to my fellow Apple Watch wearers: have you experienced these spasms? If so, what have you done about it? Leave a comment below :)

I await your response with bated breath!

**Disclaimer all praise belongs to the one true God, I am merely a conduit, He is the source**

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