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The Carlee Russell story Exemplifies This Bible verse

I had a hard time understanding this verse Matthew ch. 10: 37:

"He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

I wondered what this meant. What about honoring thy mother and thy father (Exodus 20:12)? And God gives children are we not to love them? It brought so many questions to my mind I couldn't process it.

Then the Carlee Russell story emerged. Like anyone I was shook. I wrote a book about the lack of media coverage of black women when they go missing called Barren. Seeing Carlee's face and name in the media meant progress to me. Finally a black woman was on the same level as Natalie Halloway (RIP) ... Until I realized something was amiss.

Carlee's story of being abducted did not add up. The timeline. The medical evidence. Her refusal to talk to police. None of it.

If I was abducted and escaped, I would want the police to catch this person right away especially if a toddler was involved. I would hate for someone else let alone an innocent baby to go through something so traumatic.

Then as the Carlee Russell story gained national attention, her testimony crumbled. In an attempt to control the narrative, Carlee's parents released an interview. Carlee's parents went on national television and spoon fed the media a version of events that correlated with their daughter's story. Not many, if anyone, believed them. Their body language, the tone of their voices, coupled with the father's lack of eye contact and overall conjecture, it was clear they didn't believe their own words. Yet the fact remained they loved their daughter so much they broke a commandment. They lied.

I go back to Matthew 10:37 and alas, God works in mysterious ways as the Carlee Russell story brought clarity. They loved their daughter as any parent would and should, however, John 14:15 reads if you love me (God) keep my commandments. When Carlee's parents lied, they proved that they loved her more than God.

This story is a perfect example of this scripture (Matthew 10:37) brought to life. Because now whatever consequences Carlee incurs resulting from wasting the precious time, energy, attention and resources of local law enforcement her parents will likely face blowback as well. It is the law. Both the law of the LORD and the law of the land.

Comment below your thoughts on the Carlee Russell situation.

**Disclaimer all praise belongs to the one true God, I am merely a conduit, He is the source**

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